The Legend of Spud: The MyVMK Ghost

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@JessieJoe and @HeyG Requested this story and I didn't have a chance to tell it because I was handling some Calls for Help, so I wanted to share it here.

Once upon a time, in a great big beautiful yesterday, there was a ghost of MyVMK. (Before anyone has any questions... yes... he is a potato.) But he's a beautiful potato who wears his Bird Hat proudly around the kingdom. At one time, he wasn’t a ghost potato. He was a regular potato and he liked to hang out in the Magic Kingdom. It wasn’t until the great (almost) fry incident of 2012 where he became a ghost.

Many people have asked me how to tell if Spud is around. Have you ever had a seat you couldn’t sit in? A place you couldn’t click in a room? That’s Spud. The only times that he comes out to visit are during monorail parties and when we announce new staff members in the Esplanade. He doesn’t like hanging out when there aren’t big parties because he really likes the staff ears. He’s always trying to steal them when he’s around.

So the next time you see all of us staff members around, remember that Spud might be there (trying to steal our ears), so say hello to him!
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If we can find somewhere where he fits into our theme/story... I feel like we could have a surprise Spud somewhere. I'll see what I can figure out. :]