The Neighborhood Egg Hunt - Maze


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Some rooms have been adjusted. That means there are eggs in this maze that will automatically bring you to the next room while other eggs will not.

Remember: An egg that is hidden doesn't mean it has the best odds. It's just difficult to see compared to the rest in the room. This applies from room to room.

Also Remember: There are dead end paths and dead end eggs in this maze. If you feel that you are getting no where on a path or on a specific egg it may be a dead end.

Another hint on THE hidden egg: Look at the checkered tiles themselves. Look at the pattern and how the squares are shaped. If you see literally any spot that doesn't fit that perfect pattern exactly, it may be an egg.

Please remember not to work in large groups (5+ players). Please refrain from posting paths or eggs on the MyVMK Discord as many players can see that post. Even if you are working with a small group on the MyVMK Discord players that are not in your small group will still see that post. I would like paths/eggs to still be a surprise.

This maze is like an egg hunt you never know what surprises you'll get.

How to play:

When you enter you will choose a path. You pick a path by clicking (once, twice if need be) on an egg. If you get stuck ON the egg click off and try again. (Don't spam click it as it may get you stuck)

Once you've arrived at your chosen destination and as well as throughout the maze each egg will have a certain amount of odds. So there are eggs in the room that are easier, more difficult, or the same amount of odds. There are also eggs that are difficult to see, spot, or even click on as they take up a certain about of space.

Some eggs are extremely difficult to spot, so if you see anything, even the smallest detail out of place it may be an egg.

Remember: Eggs have different colors, sizes, textures, designs and attachments. As it may not just be "egg-shaped"

There are also paths and eggs that are dead ends, so be warned it's tricky.

Please refrain from working in large groups (5+) during this maze as I would like the eggs to still be a surprise.

Prizes are as followed:
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