The Vending Machine


Ambassador of Hope
It exists just outside the MyVMK gates...that's right folks, The Vending Machine. Yet this is not your typical, $4 water bottle, dollar-bill-rejecting vending machine. No, this is THE Vending Machine. Put whatever you like in, and what comes out? Well, The Vending Machine will decide!


Post 1: I put in a penny.
Post 2: You get Abraham Lincoln flossing. I put in Peter Pan.
Post 3: His shadow zooms past you as it flies away! I put in a taco.

Ready to test the wisdom of the mighty Vending Machine?

I put in a pizza.
A million orange canary diamonds spill out of the machine.

I put in Marshmallows.
A spark shoots through the machine's wires and colorful fireworks start booming out of the machine.

I put in a balloon. :balloon:
The machine surges with heat and electricity. It's on the verge of exploding, but the bolt is quickly absorbed by the ground, generating a boom of thunder.

I put in cotton candy.
Pink and Blue sugar spins out of the machine like pixie dust and gives you a colorful fluffy beard. Magic! :star:

I put in a paintbrush! :art:
Gollum peeks out of the machine, grabs your hands and says, "My precious" and hops back in the machine, out of sight.

I put in a VHS.
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