Trading RARE plushes at LOW PRICES!!!

Do you collect plushes?

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Hi! I have some rare plushes that I'm trading for a few credits or magic! lmk if you'd like any!!!
SW Plush – Maz Kanata- 8k
SW Plush – Finn- 7k
SW Plush – Mace Windu- 5k
SW Plush – Lando Calrissian- 10k
SW Plush – Ahsoka Tano- 8k
SW Plush – Bantha- 5k
SW Plush – Han Solo- 10k
Marvel Plush – Captain America- 10k
Marvel Plush - Nebula- 7k
Marvel Plush – Valkyrie- 5k
Marvel Plush – Mantis- 6k
Marvel Plush – Bucky- 8k

Thanks for your time!
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