Trading Some 1* Magic


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2 1* Cursed Storm
4 1* Snowman
1 1* LIG Magic

Sparrow Ears
1x1 Treasure Rugs
Original Dream Shirt

Please PM or reply if interested, ty : )
Will be on again tomorrow afternoon to reply to anyone~
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interested in your cursed storms and confetti - like anything i'm trading here? i dont have anything besides credits on your wants, and i'm a little overbooked in that department :/


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@Chemical sorry for the wait, I have already promised someone the confetti magic. I still have the cursed storm but at this time i'm not looking for any of the items you have listed, sorry! I'd trade the magic for 6k a piece but knowing you are trading a bunch of sprees I can hold the magic for you and we can trade whenever you are able to. Lmk, thx ^^
How many credits would you want for a 1 star cursed storm and a 1 star drink me magic? I'll do both. I can throw in two treasure rugs also. Lemme know!
I just realized I only had one left... so I'll do 17k for both magics and then throw in a treasure rug? :)