Trivia Time! -NOW CLOSED-

Okay kids! First I would like to say that anyone that does not follow the rules will automatically be disqualified. Now to how this will work and rules!

I have a bunch of questions for you guys to answer. You'll notice that not all of them are Disney related. I wanted to make it a little bit harder for you hehe.


1. Please PM here on the forums OR DM me on Discord. These are the only ways I will accept answers from you. If you post your answers as a reply I will delete them and you'll be out of the running.

2. When you send in your answers please provide your in name game as well.

3. I"VE CHANGED MY MIND ON PRIZES! Anyone who answers all the questions with 100% correct will get to pick their prize from the list. I will contact you based on who sent in first and so forth. Anyone who does 100% of questions or less with NOT 100% correct will receive a pin of their choice (BLM - Fist, BLM - Hand Shake, Pin to use for host pin trade event).

4. You guys will have from today to next Wednesday (6/8/2020) to send me your answers!

5. No clone accounts please.

6. I will contact everyone one by one after Trivia ends to meet up and give out prizes.


PPR Golden Ship
Angel Minnie Flat
Blizzard Ski Chair Yellow
DOTD - Coffin Chair
Death Star Hologram Projector (x3)
ENS Throne - Kuzco
Egg - Frozegg Bruni
Finding Dory Dory
Finding Dory Pearl
Oogie Boogie
Pet Base Turkey
Stitch Mickey Flat
Suite Life Luggage Cart (x2)
Hatbox Ghost (x2)
Toy (Stitch)

Celebration Balloon Chesh
Magic Candy (1 star)
Magic Fireworks (1 star) (x5)
Magic Floating Lantern (5 star)
Magic Teleportation (1 star)

Belle - Winter top and bottom
Bumble bee wings
Clopin outfit full
Esmerelda Full
Denim Jacket
Mickey Bobbles Headband
Mickey Ears Metallic Purple
Mickey Ears Pastel Yellow
Pirate Bandanna Red
Sorcerer Hat
Sorcerer Hat Black
Sorcerer Hat Pink
Sunflower Leggings
Sunflower Shoes
Unicorn Horn Blue
Unicorn Horn Pink

Pick 5 item from my Giveaway room
Pick 5 Pins from my Giveaway room

More Prizes may be added as the week continues on if I am able to find more.
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  1. Who provided the voice for Jack Skellington in NBC? (not singing)
  2. What are Shwetty Balls?
  3. Who voiced the Mad Hatter in the classic animated version?
  4. Who once asked if you would like Cake or Death?
  5. What actor put out an album called the Sleep Tapes?
  6. Why is a raven like a writing desk? (this has 2 correct answers)
  7. Who was the surprise actor in Star Wars the Force Awakens?
  8. Which movie did Leo Decap finally win his Oscar for?
  9. Who did Spike Lee wear a blazer for at this years Oscars?
  10. What Tree in Disneyland is dedicated to a certain author?
  11. Speaking of trees at the park, there is another special tree as well by Jungle Cruise. What makes this one a special one?
  12. Who was the real villain in Gravity Falls?
  13. Who is my favorite Disney Character?
  14. At Disneyland, which area used to be used (and sometimes still is) for Swing Music after dark?
  15. Lets end these questions with something fun! Once you've sent me your answers post a cute picture of your pet or a random animal as a reply to this thread :)
Hey everyone. I just wanted to say another quick THANK YOU for taking part in this! I'm 99% certain that I have messaged everyone about prizes and/or meeting up to get said prize lol. If I somehow missed you please message me! I don't want to miss anyone.