Trixie's Treats and Trades! W/Prices!

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Howdy Howdy!
Here is a list of everything I am currently selling, with prices! That being said, I am willing to negotiate as well. I don't have pictures of everything uploaded yet, but if you want to see something - feel free to ask! I'm also willing to trade items of similar worth, but lets be real, I'm more interested in your credits because I'm b r o k e

2x Bride Frankenstien Dress (Shoes, Shirt, Top, Veil) - 8k
1x Fairy Silvermist Dress (Top & Skirt) - 2k
1x Halloweentown Sora Outfit (Wig, Shoes, Pants, Shirt) - 8k
1x HM Black Suit (Jacket, Shoes, Pants) - 5k
3x HM White Suit (Jacket, Pants) - 3k
2x Jafar Outfit (Cape, Hat, Shirt, Pants) - 8k
1x Scarlet Witch Outfit (Jacket, Corset, Pants, Shoes) - 8k
1x Spider Gwen Outfit (Flats, Mask, Pants, Shirt) - 8k
1x Spiderman Outfit (Mask, Pants, Shirt, Shoes) - 8k
1x Thor Outfit (Shoes, Cape, Top, Pants) - 5k
1x Zenon Outfit (Shoes, Skirt, Top) No Wig - 5k

1x Alien Mickey Hat - 2k
1x Beanie Hamm - 2k
2x Bucket Hat Pastel Purple - 2k
11x Bucket Hat Pastel Yellow - 1k
1x Candy Corn Cat Ears - 3k
3x Candy Corn Hair Bow - 3k
1x Deer Antlers - 1k
1x Figaro Ears - 1k
1x Frankenstien Bride Wig - 1k
1x Frankenstien Wig - 1k
1x Halloweentown Sofie's Hat - 2k
1x Kevin Beanie - 1k
1x Kylo Ren Mask - 3k
2x Mickey Ears MNSSHP - 1k
1x Mickey Ears Metallic Blue - 1k
3x Mickey Ears Candy Corn - 1k
1x Mickey Ears Reindeer - 5k
1x Minnie Ears Candy Corn - 5k
1x Monsters Inc Hard Hat - 1k
1x Moon Bobbles - 750c
1x Na'vi Headband - 1k
2x Pharaoh Hat - 1k
2x Pleakley Beanie - 1k
1x Pluto Hat - 1k
1x Reindeer Headband Black - 5k
1x Unicorn Horn Blue - 1k
1x Unicorn Horn Green - 1k
2x Unicorn Horn Pink - 1k
1x Zero Hat - 45k

1x Hawaiian Aloha Shirt - 1k
3x Lab Coat - 500c
1x Valentine's Day Sweater -15k

2x Galaxy Leggings -10k
1x Kim Possible Pants -1k

2x Blue Flats - 1k

3x Candy Corn Bowtie - 1k
1x Captain America Shield - 10k
1x Morph Floating Buddy - 5k
2x Spider Bowtie - 1k

HM Conservatory Holiday - 20k
Tron Room - 10k

5* Ghost Magic - 60k
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