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If anyone could help me find the values of these that would be amazing!

Ghast Mask
Mickey Ears 60th Celebration
Mickey Ears Birthday
Mickey Ears Earth Day
Mickey Ears Frozen
Mickey Ears King
Mickey Ears Pumpkin
Mickey Ears Traditional
Minnie Ears Pink
Straw Hat Gold
Elsa's Crown
Boo's Hat
Stitch Space Helmet

Haunted Mansion Blue/Pink/Red Set
Wildcat White
Prince Ali
Prince Philip
Kristoff's Winter Set
Captain America
Sheriff Woody

Flip Flops Orange Haunted
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Elsa's Crown - 50k
Haunted Mansion Blue/Pink/Red Set - Around 30k
Prince Ali - 20-30k
Kristoff's Winter Set - 45-50k
Sheriff Woody - 35-40k?

Flip Flops Orange Haunted 20k?
For Haunted Mansion pink outfit, each piece was 525c in the shop last month. Not sure what the whole outfit has been selling for, but probably a good bit more than its total price in the shop. :)


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Ghast Mask ~ 50k
Mickey Ears 60th Celebration ~ 15k
Mickey Ears King ~ 10k
Mickey Ears Traditional ~ 20k
Minnie Ears Pink ~ 15k
Straw Hat Gold ~ used to be like 10k before host prizes made this hat popular so right now it’s a little more valuable, I’d say 15-20k

Haunted Mansion Blue/Pink/Red Set ~ 10k
Bellhop ~ 20k

Flip Flops Orange Haunted ~10k
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