Villainous Spooktacular Level Pins

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Since we know there has been some confusion regarding the level pins, we have now provided you with a guide regarding them!

Once you beat a level you will obtain one of the pins in the image below:

Level 1: Ursula beat (takes you to Vader room)
Level 2: Vader beat (takes you to Queen of Hearts room)
Level 3: Queen of Hearts beat (takes you to Captain Hook room)
Level 4: Captain Hook beat (etc...)

In order to use the pins, you must use it in the entrance room ONLY.

To be able to use the pin, you must be wearing the level pin on your lanyard like below:

Once you have your level pin on, click the magic pin tab on the menu bar and it'll show up on your list:

Double click your pin and it'll transport you to the level you left off on.
Be aware, you may still have to wait to play a game if you're ahead or in a congested room.

If you have any other questions or issues, please feel free to ask us below and I or any fellow staff member will answer as soon as we see it.

Hope this helps anyone confused <3​
Is there a complete list posted somewhere of the prizes and consolation prizes for the different levels in the Vilianous Spooktacular Event??
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