Visit a Disney Park to earn the 'Born in Park' badge!


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Planning on visiting one of the Disney parks? Well, make sure you bring a flat of your avatar along with you! Starting today, you can earn the 'Born in Park' badge in-game, by taking a photo of your avatar at one of the Disney Parks! :trophy:

1. No photoshopping! We reserve the right to deny any entries we deem to be edited in any way! :no:
2. You are allowed to bring friends with you! We know not everyone has the opportunity to go to the parks, so if you have a friend that's going, all they need to do is print you up and take you along for the ride! Group shots are acceptable, MAX 3 players (including yourself )! You are also limited to 5 photos (15 avatars) per month.
3. CHARGING players in any way, is NOT allowed - DONATIONS are considered payment, therefore not allowed!! Offering OR accepting! You will risk losing/not receiving your badge! :hug:
4. You must visit a DISNEY park. ANY Disney Park! Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneyland Paris, etc. You get the idea. (Downtown Disney/Hotels do NOT qualify as a park!) So no visiting Shrek in Universal and trying to pass it off! :whistle: This offer is only valid for visits starting JULY 1, 2015! Meaning, if you went before July 1, 2015, you will NOT qualify.
5. This is important. Every park has a TIMES GUIDE when you first enter the park. On this guide is the date/week of your visit. This MUST be included in your photo to qualify! :pose:
6. ALSO, you must have a well known attraction (preferably: the castle or a popular ride - no inside of shops!) in your background, and you must be IN the park! In other words, no standing in the bathrooms, in front of the Disney gates or against a plain wall. We want to see some of that magic behind you! (Posing with a character in front of an attraction would be pretty awesome as well. :aww:)
7. Make sure the photo is viewable. It should be a decent size, and we should be able to see your avatar and the date clearly. You may take photos with your phone, just make sure they are clear! :cool:
8. How do I print my avatar you ask? Easy! Go to (or, just just log in, scroll down and click your avatar on the main page - Right click on your avatar to save it. Digital avatars are also accepted :yay:
9. Once you return from your trip, go here - (you should already be here if you're reading this!) and post a new thread. Choose the yellow prefix "Approval Needed for Born In Park Badge". You must include your in-game username, and the photo of your avatar at the park (if it is a group photo (remember, 3 players MAX including yourself), be sure to add all in-game names for all avatars in the photo).:nod:
9. We will be checking often, but please be patient. To confirm that your photo has been accepted and the badge is being added to your account, you will see a green "Approval Granted" button next to your thread . You must be online to receive your badge. If you are not, you will be sent a message in-game on what to do. Please do not send PM's, Call For Helps or e-mails unless told to do so! :impatient:

If you have any QUESTIONS, post HERE

This is NOT just for this month! This will be an ongoing thing, so don't feel like you have to rush to the park this week. :wave:

Please keep this section of the forums on topic! Thanks!