What Disney Pins Do You Have on your Real-Life Lanyard?

When I go to the parks, I try to buy at least one new pin. Sometimes I trade for Hidden Mickey pins cast members wear, other times I just keep the ones I buy 'cause they're cute :eee:.

Here's my lanyard:

Close-ups of pins:
<-Mickey & Minnie :rose: Belle & Minnie ->

<-Chip and my postage stamp "Disney" Pin from the BX kind of thing in the Shades of Green resort

<- My favorite Hidden Mickey Park Collection. Unfortunately I only have 2 :violin:

Tink! :rose:
Minnie again, Waterpark Goofy, & Underwater Pluto

My second favorite Hidden Mickey Park Collection. Unfortunately, I only have 2... ;) (Cruella is a bought set pin, not Cast Member only)

My 2013 Disneyland New Years pin. Being from the East Coast, I usually go to WDW. I was selected for the Tournament of Roses Parade in California in 2013, so that's how I commemorated that trip.

Show me your collection!
@_@ I want Disney Pins @_@


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I've never been to Disney Land or Disney World. Which is why myVMK is especially great :)


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i have some pins... but have might be a had because i'm not quite sure where they went.
i had gotten a potc skull one, mickey ears that reps woody and mickey ears that reps buzz lightyear
I think the only pin I got was my Dory pin which liked to keep popping off it's backing. It's hard to keep a pin in place that way!
Years later I still have my pin, but my lanyard died somewhere along the way. :giggle:

Edit: I wanna say it looks like this one

I can't remember where I put it when I moved 2 years ago, but I know it moved with me!
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Here's my VMK set :D
I have quite a few more... but I have more vinylmation than pins.. I'll have to get more pics.


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Here is my Collection :)

Yes i have a VMK Pin, I made my dad buy me it after closing out of love

I went to the high school musical 2 premier so i thought i would buy a pin to commemorate

When i went to the D23 expo in 2013

These are 3 of my favorite pins on my Lanyard!! My dream ears minnie bow and princess crown

Ive never been to epcot but always thought the test track looked like a cool ride so i traded with a cast member for the test track pin

I am a big san francisco giants fan so having a giants disney pin was essential
The cherry mickey ear pin is one of my favorites Also i traded with a cast member for it
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