What TV Series Are You Watching?


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The Fosters (will be back in June)
Teen Wolf (will be back in June)
The 100
Bates Motel
Steven Universe
Face Off
Tim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge
Dance Moms
American Horror Story (Will be back in the Fall)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Parks and Rec
American Dad
The Cleveland Show
Hell's Kitchen
Amazing Race

Basically comedies and realty game shows.


l'antico vampiro
I am finally getting around to watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Everyone keeps telling me to check it out, good so far.

I can't believe how tragic some of it is so far, only being a few episodes in so far now. That 'mom' that had the premature baby because of what she was doing...good lord man...that was messed up beyond anything