Whats Your Sport?


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Lacrosse. I started playing my freshman year of college. Unfortunately, half way through my Junior year I had to stop because our schedule made me so tired. We would drive from AZ to Cali every weekend. Being an education major, it's hard to fit in stuff.


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Basketball- played SG for 2 years in H.S
baseball- played 4 years of baseball for rec team. Favorite team is the Braves
soccor- (Forward) for a rec team with 6 years, Equipo favorito es Espana Nacional y club favorito es Barcelona F.C
hockey- RW for about 2 years for a rec team, favorite team is Boston Bruins
football- H.S punter for 2 years, walked on for the college team didn't make it my freshman year.BUT going to tryout my senior year in college


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Competitive figure skating (quit 5 yrs ago and actually just started up again), and aerial circus (if you count that).. also I'm really good at competitive Netflixing.

As far as watching sports, I like watching the Olympics- especially gymnastics, but I love watching FIFA (I was rooting for Argentina last year- even though I'm normally a fan of UC Barca).

Also I love playing soccer, but I'm absolutely horrible at it.


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TaeKwonDo. People are telling me that it's not a sport, but that's the closest to a Sport for me. Been doing it for 7 years now.
My most consecutive and favorite sports were:
- Dance - 12 years
- Cheerleading - 6 years
On and off I did:
- Gymnastics - 1 year
- Soccer - 1 fall season
- Basketball - 1 winter season
- Volleyball - 2 years
- Tennis - 2 years
- Swimming - 2 years
- Track - 2 summer seasons
My family enjoyed signing me up for sports and me being super active and we have this huge sports rec program in my town that literally everyone did throughout elementary/middle school
I was on a Soccer team for one year when I was like 6 years old if that counts... :question:

For Non-team Sports, I'm crazy for Skiing and Golf. Been Skiing since age 8. At first I hated it, I just was not good at it and was afraid of going down the mountain. Now I consider myself a pro. (I can make it down a Double Black Diamond Trail if that means anything). As far as Golf goes I've been playing with my father for as many years as I can remember. I am by no means good at the game but it is fun.
I danced when I was really little and then my parents put me in competitive (all-star) cheerleading and club volleyball since at the age of 7. I learned lots of tumbling skills at that age and used to be really good. (If I did it now I would probably break something because I haven't done anything in over a year hahaha). I did HS cheer my freshman & senior year but I enjoyed competitive more. I got to experience NCA All-Star Nationals in Dallas, Texas in 2012 & 2013. If I could do an adult team I so would because I miss it like crazy. Are there any other competitive cheerleaders on here?? It's a small world!
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