Winter Dreams 2019

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Happy Holidays myVMK family! Winter Dreams is here!

Hello everyone and welcome to Wintry Wishes Month on MyVMK! We hope you are enjoying all the fun festivities so far, and we can’t wait to share with you all the other exciting things planned for this month! As you may have noticed on the calendar, starting tonight, we will be running our first Dreams event this holiday season. To introduce this event and remind players how it all works, we’ve outlined some of the most important information down below!

As those of you who were here for the last Dreams Month may recall, the HOST event formatting for a dreams month is different than any other month. All throughout December, there will be scheduled times where your favorite staff members will stop by public rooms. During these times, everyone in eligible rooms will have the chance to win one of many Winter Dreams prizes! Make sure you’re checking our Events page often, as the Winter Dreams events can take place any time, morning or night. We may even run the event twice in one day! We will be sure to send a reminder on Twitter before each event.

Here’s how the event works! A minimum of five players will need to gather in a public room. This includes rooms like the Pirate Treasure Room, which isn’t directly found on the map but is accessible through the Pirates Lobby. You may also gather in any instance you’d like (even going as obscure as North-North-East-West…we’ll find you!). Please note that guest rooms will NOT be visited during this event.

In order to determine who receives which prizes, the HOST/Moderator/GA present will roll a random generator to pick which room to enter, and again to determine which person will have an opportunity to roll the “Naughty or Nice” generator. If “Nice” is rolled, then that person will receive an amazing prize designed by our team. If “Naughty” is rolled, then we will randomly pick another player to spin. Please note that if you roll “Naughty” and are picked again during the same event slot, you automatically win!

Players are only allowed to win once per event. We will not be giving out the prizes to any clones (and yes, we will be making a list and checking it twice!). We are aware that there are family members in different households and they will not count as clones! However, if you are found using a clone, your prizes will be revoked.
Please also note that these events may run shorter or longer than the allotted time based on how quickly prizes are distributed. We award a specific number of each prize per event, so staff will continue to jump to different rooms until all prizes have been distributed! We will send in-game announcements when the event starts and ends.

We hope you enjoy this event, and remember to be kind to one another. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us down below or in the official discord!
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