Winter Intellichat Room - Glisten (Habbo)


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Hey guys, so I decided to try out Habbo's builder's club for the first time, and I made this room to be a winter chatroom for intelligent, mature discussions on Habbo. This room is the first room in my "Intellichat" series, and this room specifically is called Glisten. I most likely wont get much business, but it was fun designing the room nonetheless. Anyway, tell me what you guys think, VMK really came to my mind when creating this! My name on Habbo is Icemaniceice, and not Gamecrazy.

Link to room in Habbo (feel free to check it out!): (room no longer available, cleared out for a dedication room to Coke Studios and VMK)
(Click on image for better detail)
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@Gamecrazy so Habbo isn't full of trolls anymore? I might just try it out. This looks sick. AMAZING Job
Oh no, there's still plenty of trolls, it's just that as the population of Habbo has gone down, so has the amount of trolls. There are some people that you can have decent conversations with though. I created this room in an attempt to pull intelligent, mature people who want to have real discussions into the room. However, I have not yet had the time to really promote the room. Thank you though!

Thank you as well Lissa!