Yosemite's Signature Shop (3D and more)

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First off, let me say Hello and welcome!
Yosemite's Signature Shop where you can find quality signatures at a fair negotiable price! Where do you start?

Step One: Look through some of my example signatures.

Version One:
Version Two:


And a random one that I made as a disney movie theme

Step Two: Give me some information

Name (for your signature):
Color Scheme: (list for me some colors you think will work together, i.e. your favorite colors, cool colors, warm colors)
Inventory: (by going to the MyVMK homepage and looking at the navigation at the top and towards the right you will see a link saying inventory. Go ahead and click on that, look around at your inventory click on a few items and find some that you'd like me to include in your signature, if any, and give me a screenshot of the item as it looks when clicked on.)
Ideas: (Give me a few ideas of what you are looking for in your signature, or if you'd prefer me to be the one to decide let me know!)

Step Three: Pricing

For most of you, this is the spot where it will make or break whether you want a signature from me or not. I'm willing to do signatures for rare items in the game, obviously what you think the signature is worth if you choose to pay by item. If you'd rather pay with credits, then your signature can range between the prices of 5k-7k. I won't go over 7k or rarely come near it, however its my price buffer.

Thank you again as always for shopping at Yosemite's Signature Shop here on the MyVMK Forums!
Happy Gaming​