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  1. B

    Holiday Stocking Crates

    Hi! I haven't seen a list of all crate items. Please help and post some pictures (with names) of items you've gotten so far! If you know if its a common or rare that would be helpful too! :) Happy Crating everyone!
  2. Cassandra

    Please close

    comment or message me <3
  3. Cassandra

    Please close

    Selling the following items from crates: Simba onesie hood x 1 Naveen's royal shirt x 1(SOLD) Naveen's royal boots x 1(SOLD) Li Shang chest-piece x 1 (SOLD) Royal jewels- emerald x 2 Royal jewels- ruby x1 Royal jewels- rainbow x 1 WDW ballroom stair x 1 Royal sky flat 1 x1 Comment or msg me if...
  4. tinkadink

    Clothing Sale!

    Hi! I am looking for credits and selling the following items: ***Also looking for wedding veil bow*** 40's Anita Skirt and top set x1 Avengers Hoodie Black x1 BTS Haunted Mansion Medal x1 BTS POTC Medal x1 Belle's Apron Shirt and Skirt set x1 Captain Hook Hat, Jacket, and Pants Set x1 Cowboy...
  5. SunshinyCashew


    Princess Atta Tiara x26 Sarge Helmet x24 Sarge Shirt x16 Sarge Pants x16 Sarge Shoes x15 Onward - Cash 4 Gems Pin x13 Ice Cream Doug x12
  6. Pancake&Oats

    Value Check Skin - Thanos Purple

    Anyone know what this goes for??
  7. lexis

    Trading Winter Crate Items.

    i've collected a few extra of some of the clothing items from the crates that i'll sell for those of you looking for them! i'll keep this updated as i open more duplicates as well. ushanka winter hat - red (x4) 30k minnie ears - fuzzy (x2) 15k minnie ears - plaid bow 15 red bow (x4) 15k shellie...
  8. SunshinyCashew

    LF White Duffy Beanie from Crates!! -Closed-

    help me get it!
  9. Blake


    Trading the Red winter hat and snowflake sweater! Would like to swap individual items for other crate items or offer in creds thank you! :D
  10. SunshinyCashew

    LF Red Flannel from Crates!!

    lmk your prices!
  11. SunshinyCashew

    LF Snowflake Sweater -Closed-

    lmk your prices!
  12. Charm

    Crate Items for Sale!

    -Hats - x17 Pink Sorcerer Hats - 250c (each) x4 Purple Sorcerer Hats - 2k (each) x1 Green Sorcerer Hat - 5k x1 Candy Corn Sorcerer Hat - 5k x3 Candy Corn Minnie Ears - 5k (each) x2 Candy Corn Cat Ears - 5k (each) -Furni- x70 Pumpkin Dining Chair - 250c (each) x13 Pumpkin Dining Table - 500c...
  13. lexis

    Looking For Credits, Selling Kida Mask.

    i was lucky enough to pull an extra kida mask from the crates and am selling it. make your offers down below. i also have an extra sorcerer hats in pink and green (2 extra of each) and a ton of furniture and pins if that's what you're looking for.
  14. Marisa

    Selling Silver Mickey Beanie

    Starting bid 100k :)