stitch hat

  1. A


    -looking for items mostly (like OG sparrow stuff, dream ears, etc.) -willing to look at other rare item offers -willing to do item/credit combo trade
  2. SunshinyCashew


    Selling my Stitch Hat for 500k! hmu if interested
  3. Sherlock_Holmes

    Stitch hat- SOLD

    Trading/Selling stitch hat LF credits or items in same worth Credit price: 900k OBO Item equivalent: 1000k OBO
  4. SunshinyCashew


    Taking offers on the Stitch Hat Auto: 800k Feel free to hmu with offers :)
  5. SunshinyCashew


    Selling my Stitch Hat - Auto: 1.2 mil! hmu if interested
  6. Obviously

    (UPDATED 4/14) List of Stuffs for Sale (pins, clothing, magic)

    ~I am mainly looking for credits, but am open to negotiations~ :) Magic: - 5* OUAT Teleportation = 75k - 5* Snowman = 80k - 5* Violet = 125k - 5* Ghost = 75k - 1* Colors of the Wind = 30k - ON HOLD Room Pins: - Nautilus Submarine Room Pin = 20k - VMK Baseball Diamond Room Pin = 15k -...
  7. Obviously

    Selling Stitch Hat

    Selling the cute wittle guy, PM me with offers, although I prefer credits, I am open to a half trade-half credit deal. Thanks <3
  8. Obviously

    Value of Stitch Hat?

    I haven't seen this sold in a long time.... thanks in advance <3
  9. SunshinyCashew

    LF Stitch Hat!!! It's a Matter of Life or Death!!

    Not really a matter of life or death but i need it bad!!! someone plz sell it!!!
  10. LavenderGirl

    Looking For Stitch Hat!

    Hello all, I just rejoined MyVMK yesterday after a four-year hiatus. I am looking for a Stitch Hat. If anyone is selling or trading one, please let me know. xoxo, Lavender
  11. TaylorDarling

    so many credits sitting

    I've never seen so many stitch hats in my life. left to right: me @BlueSorcerer @Zuy @SkyWhisperer @mo_money @Heartsdown @heymann
  12. blueskynoise

    LF Stitch hat

  13. ArtsyAbi

    LF Stitch Hat and Angel Hat

    I am trading 300k for Angel Hat and 500k + Gold Ears for Stitch. If you have both or one of them and willing to trade, please pm or reply to this thread, I am on everyday of the week between 11pm-2am. I have had to remove the Black Everest Jacket from the offers in respect to the player that...
  14. Glamazon

    LF Stitch Hat and Sparrow Pants

    For Stitch: 300k, White flip, dream ears, full grey mansion, and romeo experiment (if you're looking for anything else, just ask) For Sparrow Pants: 100k. Willing to negotiate!
  15. SweetTea

    Green Flip & Stitch Hat

    Trading green flip hat AND stitch hat! This is NOT a credit trade. I am looking for the items below. Although it is unlikely, a guaranteed trade will be made to anyone who includes a 1* Red Inferno Magic OR 7 Tinkerbell Rose pins in their offer for either hat. Otherwise, please see my wishlist...