Nice-ish items *9/14!*


In-game BlackSunset
HMU here or on Discord (BlackSunset #7427)!!

*I'll gladly send pictures of any items!*

Adventurer Minnie x1
Avenger Villains- Ultron x1
Blood Moon- 2019 x1
Christmas Eve- 2018 x2
Cutie- Space Mountain x1
DCL Cuties- Pluto x1
Disney Animals- Fozzie Bear/Jack&Gus/Zazu x1 of each
Disney Light Shows- Galactic Spectacular x1 2k
Dory's Purple Shell pin x1
Duet Villains- Hades x1
Dynamic Duos- Ariel and Elsa x1 of each
Enchanted Wicked Queen pin x1
Festival of Fools pin x2
Flower Portrait- Esmeralda/Jasmine/Pocahontas x1 of each
Halloweentown Sora Pin x2
Hanukkah 2018 Pin
Harambe Windlife Reserve x1
Holiday Bulbs- Tinkerbell x1
KH3 pin x2
Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Day pin x1
Lizzie Scooter pin x1
Marvel Mickey- Thor x2
Mickey Heads- Leopard/Peppermint/Tiger/Zebra (multiples)
Minnie and Figaro x1
Nighttime Spectacular- Happily Ever After x1 12k
One Million Dreams Celebration x1 OFFER
Park Icons- Animal Kingdom x1
Peter Pan Mermaids pin x2
Pocahontas 24th Anniversary x1
Pumpkin Jack Skellington pin x2
Sea Salt Trio set- Axel, Roxas, and Xion x1
Submarine Voyage- Dory & Marlin x1
Submarine Voyage- Nemo & Pals x1
Suga Mama & Puff x1
Sunflower Winnie the Pooh x1
SW Emoji- Finn x1
The Nautilus vs. The Squid x1
TSM Animal- Armadillo x1
Tsum Tsum Animals- Dinah/Dormouse/Flit/Rafiki x1 of each

Vanellope Cheerleader pin x1
Villaintines- Dr. Facilier/Evil Queen/Si&Am x1 of each
VMK Sunset- numbers 1/2/3 x1 of each

Anna Coronation top and bottom x1 50k
Ariel Profile T-Shirt x1 2k
Babydoll Dress Black x14 750c ea
Babydoll Galaxy Sun x1 5k
Bucket Hat Pastel blue/purple/yellow x1 of each, 3k each or 8k for all three
Celebration Hat x1
Cheetah Girls Visor x1 3k
Cinderella Winter top x1 (offer)
Esmeralda Tambourine 10k
Genie Boys Outfit full (Hair/Top/Pants/Shoes) x1 (offer!)
Haunted Mansion White Pants x2 (offer)
High Waisted Shorts- Light Denim x1
Kakmora 1 Backpack x1 10k
Keyblade- Stick x1 2k
Lifejackets- Bull Shark, Rainbowfish, Gill, Neon Green, Red, Royal Gramma, Teal, True Percula (Nemo)
Mardi Gras Green Shirt Girls x1 3k
Makeup- Mascara/Blush/Freckles x1 4k
Mickey Ears Candy Corn x1 8k
Mickey Ears Pastel Yellow x1 10k
Mouse Ears x1 3k
Na'vi River Journey T-Shirt x1
Prince Edward outfit (top and bottoms) x1
Prince Eric Pants x1 (offer)
Sorcerer Hat- Pink x2 1k
Wings of Life Tank Top x1 (offer)
Zazu Hat/Safari Vest & Binoculars set x1 30k

Dantegg x1 offer (big, animated, & super cute!)
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In-game BlackSunset
could I buy your maleficent beanie and avengers hoodie?
Yes of course! Let me know when you're around to meet. Or DM me on discord if you have it!

hm for the sunset pins? :)
I'm honestly not sure.. I can look into the value and get back to you! Did you have an offer in mind? (You can DM me on discord if you have it :) )


In-game BlackSunset
eyyy I'm around now! If you're on, I'll meet you in FLC? I'll be on for the rest of the day, so whenever you get on will be chill.
Ok awesome! I'll head there. (I'm blacksunset ingame)

I'm here! (3:45pm EST) I'll just be chilling so trade me :)
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In-game BlackSunset
omgggg i missed you again cause i had to run an errand fdiugdhs (4:58est) but i be here
ahh sorry about that.. i'm on now! in the collosseum room- on the left with green wings