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  • Hi. I remember you from VMK Magic. I've seen your title. I was MusicLuvr on VMK Magic. :) Nice to meet you. I am MusicEllen on MyVMK and was also MusicEllen on the old VMK.
    ok your name sounds so familar o:
    im not sure if we talked on vmkmagic or if i just saw you around??
    i was doworkson does that ring a bell??
    i feel like i know you somehow, but i don't really remember.
    were you friends with ahoyjediprincess by any chance? :o
    So crazy. Y'know, to be honest, time flies by too quickly. lol. As you get older that starts to become more apparent, doesn't it? lol. But that's great that you made some great friends. And yeah, Disney is such a cool place to visit. I haven't been to DLR in almost two years though (because of work), so that's kinda killing me since Disney = home D:
    Doing really really well actually, thanks! Last I saw of you, you had ended your college program at WDW. You seemed to enjoy it a lot. Have you had any more involvement at Disney since then? o:
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