Mar 12, 2014
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    1. Liberty
      Where have you beeeeen!?!? I miss you. <3
      1. Meadow
        AHHH I was just so busy D:
        I'm looking forward to getting back into the game <3
        May 26, 2014
    2. rollercoastergal
      No worries! It's my spring break right now so I've barely been on either!
    3. LadyVerne
      Alright, you come stalk me tomorrow. :P

      That was one of my random bored drawings... what can I say, I'm a true artist!!!
    4. LadyVerne
      here's sum Meddow phanart:

    5. LadyVerne
      Hey you. Log on the game and collect your GC. =p Finally got it!
    6. Prestige
      Oh, I tried PMing you. Im available when you are! I need to shower real fast, but I'll be on for sure at 9pm ET.
    7. Florinige95
      Just letting you know, im in towns square :)
    8. Midien
      I find it sort of sad that there was any argument to it at all. Simply saying someone's feelings were hurt should of been enough no matter if someone else does not understand why. <3
    9. Liberty
      Doh, lol. It was terrible, nobody could get online the last day. :(

      Haha, we definitely all felt like that when the game started up! I would just focus on getting gift cards and working your way up by credits and HOST events. Yup, I did play the original! I wish I could remember, but I joined somewhere around July 2005 to March 2006 and played to the closure. :(
    10. Liberty
      Eeeeeek! Yay another Toontowner! I'm doing great, how have you been?

      I'm Shyianne, or Hollywood Hearts was my little black kitten. :P
    11. LadyVerne
      Aww man, really? I think we saw it coming, but it is still really sad to have seen it go. Hopefully Toontown Rewritten will be a success! Sounds like it, anyway.

      Princess Minnie hats were a prize from these crate games back in October/November, and the economy here is already in the toilet so it would take a very long time to acquire one, especially from scratch. I think people want 30-odd Firewalls for them, which are expensive! There is a green version of the Princess Minnie hat though, and costs a heck of a lot less. Of course I have one, since it's green. :P If you can do a bunch of mini-games to buy a Gift Card (10,000 creds), I'm sure someone could trade ya one of those.

      I'm not too sure when it comes to prices on ultra rare items. I'm trying to get green flip flops which requires hundreds of Fireworks games. It is a pain!
    12. LadyVerne
      YAY, it IS you!!

      I'm doing great, thank you! and yourself? Been a long while!

      Sure, I can help ya out with some things. What do ya need to know? :P
    13. InfinityFay
    14. LadyVerne
      Is this who I *think* it is?!

      It's I. M. Awl Ears here, from TT Nation. I don't know if you remember me, but I always loved your posts! :)
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