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  • Hey Schreckfan! It's AlphaJimmy - I remember you from the original game. You me and rainblue used to hang out a hell of a lot! I'm wondering if this is you from the old game - random I know!
    I started MyVMK five days before Halloween in 2013. Didn't have time to buy the Halloween items.
    yea i have seen you all around in the trade rooms past couple days! vmk is going alright i just get on when im bored and have nothing to do. I believe i started december 14th. How about your self?
    Hi. I saw your character on MyVMK 3 days ago in a Trade Room. I am MusicEllen on MyVMK. Nice to meet you. :) How is MyVMK going for you? When did you sign up for MyVMK?
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