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  • LOL IM NAWT A NOOB Yeah Im rarely on the game, I kinda like to forum more, I'm not sure why haha :3 And so true!! People tease me about my nerviness and I'm like "yeah, well my GPA makes me happy so there!" hahaha Awh I'm sure you'll do fantastic on your tests!! :D Just study! Ya I've got a Psychology midterm on Tuesday D: Pretty nervous but I think I'll be okay!! Yeah!! Acting is a lot of fun! Oh I get stage fright all the time!!! But it's kinda part of the fun.. proving to myself that I can do it, and I really love performing!! Haha thanks! I've been speaking French since I was four so I was like Hey let's put this to use! :D And Psych is so cool!!! I'm trying to decided whether or not I wanna do my graduate degree in it or not... That's the nice thing about having he minor is giving myself options. A Neurologist?!? That sounds amazing but very difficult and scary at the same time! haha :)
    Gen Chem is basically the same thing as AP Chem! But I got a 3 on the AP Chem exam since it was the first year it was offered at my school, so the teacher wasn't very experience, so I didn't get out of the college classes >.<
    It's going pretty good for me so far! We're learning gas laws right now which are super easy, but we're doing equilibrium next and I remember from AP Chemistry that was really hard D:
    Haha not really actually! I only joined the forum and game here yesterday. I was on the old forum back in the summer and was in Disney World when it got shut down and I only found this one yesterday and all my old pals from the old forum haha :P Yess Stitch is supa hawt XD haha OH MY GOSH I'm insannneee like insane about my grades!!! I get mad it I get an A- let alone a B.....sheesh.... overachiever probs XD Yes! I am in college! I'm a Theatre major with minors in Psychology and French :) I'm a sophomore! I see you're a Chem major!! That's so awesome!! I love chemistry! I just wish I were better at it haha No I totally feel you! I get really excited about education :) Knowledge is power!! Oh boy what do I want to do? Haha I'd love to be an actor... But it's very hard... however I'm definitely planning on getting a Graduate degree and possibly do the PhD thing :) How about you?
    Hiya! :D Oh lovely eh? aren't we the charmer ;D Haha Well the name looks familiar! Granted it's been a while so I maaayyyy beeee mistaakkeeennn.... In such case I should feel awkward... BUT YES LETS BE FRIENDS :D Haha yes yes your avatar is far too dashing, I very nearly swooned XD
    I'm a freshman and I'm also in Gen Chem II! And same here about the Chem Majors vs Bio Majors. But my favorite class so far is definitely Advanced Lab! I'm not in the Honors Gen Chem lecture course because it conflicts with my job, but I'm in the advanced lab course and I really love it! It's so much fun, even though it's really hard work! I haven't decided what I want to do yet, but I hope to work in a lab of some sorts because I love lab work so much! What about you?
    That's totally awesome!! :D Most people are Chem Engineering majors, but my school doesn't offer that :( What year are you??
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