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    Value Check Please Value My Pins

    Hey! Still want these?
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    Looking for High School Musical Room!
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    Buying Rooms?

    Hello! I'm looking for a certain room and am wondering if the rooms available under "shop" rotate! Also, can people sell you rooms?
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    High School Musical In-Game Items?

    Is there a red Gabriella dress?
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    Looking for ANYTHING HSM! Let me know!!!!!
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    High School Musical In-Game Items?

    Does anyone know if there are any High School Musical 1, 2, or 3 items available in game? Pins? Clothes? I know there were in the original version. I'm missing seeing them and want them back. Let me know!
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    Baseball Cap Reversed Miku?

    What's the current value? Multiple opinions, please. : )
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    Looking For Credits BIlly's Buy My Things (Game Show Fundraiser)

    Are you still selling? I'm interested in your Mulan Jacket, but I'd like to see it!
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    Not yet fixed Diving Suit Only Works Once Per Game

    Must log out to use again.
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    LF Mulan Outfits!

    I'm on now!
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    LF Jungle Cruise Cutie Pin

    Just one :)
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    LF Jungle Cruise Cutie Pin

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    Avatar Clothes?

    Anyone know if VMK has avatar clothing available?
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    LF Mulan Outfits!

    I'll pay 6.5-7 k or more : )
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    LF Red Shoes

    Do you know if heels exist within VMK?