new player

  1. sofiathefirst

    Back on MyVMK!

    Hi there! I recently came back to MyVMK after probably 4 or 5 years... Omg, that's crazy LOL. I played the original VMK when I was a kid but can't remember what my username was back then! Anyways I've been back on MyVMK for probably a little less than a month now and thought I should...
  2. Leafwing

    Og player, new player?

    I‘m an og player from back in the day, and I feel so old playing on here now, though I really don’t mind because I love the quests and collecting pins, and it’s nostalgic, but I’m curious, are most of you og or new players?
  3. Lokrosa

    New Player/Returning Player Price Guide by Lokrosa

    Hi there guys! This is a SUPER generalized price guide for new and returning MyVMK players! My goal with this guide was to provide a somewhat acurate pricing guide for items in the game. This information is based off of the last several months of game-play alongside buying and selling from...
  4. GoofyMo

    Newbie here!!

    Good morning, everyone! My name is Morgan! I have been playing myVMK for the past week. I’ve decided to stop lurkin’ the forums and join! I played VMK as a child, and am so happy I stumbled onto myVMK. I am loving it. Please feel free to leave tips for this newbie. I appreciate it! :-)
  5. Mx. Ryden

    Comprehensive MyVMK 101/Basics, Tips, and Tricks for New Players!

    Hello there! If you’re reading this welcome/welcome back to MyVMK! It may have been a while and you aren’t sure how to get started or what’s going on, and there are some slight differences to VMK and MyVMK. This post is here to help answer frequently asked questions by new players and provide as...
  6. Jeremyryann

    New member in MyVMK

    Hi everyone! I joined MyVMK like a week ago and just made an account on the forums today. I wanted to say hey to everyone and see what's going on! Lol
  7. Tyrion

    Looking for Winnie Shirt and some other clothes!

    Hey there....I'm still fairly new to the game and I'm looking to grow my clothing collection! If any of you can help me out let me know :)
  8. celestials


    Hi! I don't really know what to write here so I will keep it short. I am a returning player. I played the original VMK years ago and found myVMK around 2014. I stopped playing for a while when the game no longer worked on my MAC :( but now I am back and happy to be here! Oh, and I figured out...