1. Marisa

    Buy my things, you'll like them [updated 7/16/18]

    Willing to negotiate prices, mostly want credits but willing to trade for items or a combination of credits and items. Items I would trade for: Star Wars Items: Pins Furniture Clothes:
  2. AmySkywhisperer

    Stitch Stocking Pin - SOLD

    Hi everyone! Selling the Stitch Stocking pin! sb 50k
  3. AmySkywhisperer

    Stitch Stocking Pin

    hey guys, how much is the new stitch pin worth?? i got a double :)
  4. ArtsyAbi

    LF Stitch Hat and Angel Hat

    I am trading 300k for Angel Hat and 500k + Gold Ears for Stitch. If you have both or one of them and willing to trade, please pm or reply to this thread, I am on everyday of the week between 11pm-2am. I have had to remove the Black Everest Jacket from the offers in respect to the player that...
  5. SweetTea

    Green Flip & Stitch Hat

    Trading green flip hat AND stitch hat! This is NOT a credit trade. I am looking for the items below. Although it is unlikely, a guaranteed trade will be made to anyone who includes a 1* Red Inferno Magic OR 7 Tinkerbell Rose pins in their offer for either hat. Otherwise, please see my wishlist...