1* magics :D

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Looking for all 1* magics ever (except inferno bc i wont be able to afford that for my life)

I've been gone a while so I'm not real sure on values so you tell me what you're looking for.

If there's one missing from the list, please tell me - I'm still probably looking for it. The ones in red I'm really looking for :) Purple means I already have it.

Bat Magic
Candy Magic
Confetti Magic
Cursed Storm Magic
Drink Me Magic
Fireworks Magic
Flying Carpet Magic

Invisibility Magic
Let It Go Magic
Lightning McQueen Magic
Popcorn Magic
Shark Magic
Snow Magic
Snowman Magic
X2 Spaceship Magic
Teleportation Magic
Test Track Magic
Tow Mater Magic
Zombie Magic

Thanks ~~~


It all started with a Mouse
I've got drink me and teleportation.
I'll do teleportation for 17k and looks like you already have a new offer for the drink me.


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@Thorn Can you open your room so I can come in real quick?

@Everyone else: I have like, not enough credits for all of them right now. Don't keep them on hold for me, but I'll PM you if/when I can do these. So far I'm fine with all the offers, just gotta get the credits for them lol.
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