1k vday crate stuff (i am dumb)


probably sleepy.
i got impulsive and bought crates before i really knew what was in them, but then realized i hate everything. so i'm selling the stuff i got for the crate price. what a bargain for you. also, i'm probably gonna pass out shortly after posting this, so most likely i won't be around until tomorrow.

Lady and The Tramp Pins
x1 1
x1 7
x1 8
x2 11
x1 12
x3 14

Villaintine Pins
x4 Cruella de Vil
x1 Dr. Facilier
x2 Evil Queen
x2 Oogie
x2 Pain & Panic
x2 Scar
x1 Si & Am
x1 Queen of Hearts
x1 Yzma
x1 Zurg

x2 Heart Light

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I’ll buy both oogie pins :)