A Poem for My Nunu


~.*~:.:yogi girl:.:~*.~
Nunu, oh sweet Nunu,
Your bright pink freckled nose warns me of your allergies
I could only wish they were fallacies
I wouldn't know how you would normally manage these,
I cure you with Children's Benadryl
But not as much as heaven will.
Nunu, my sweet Banunu,
You're orange like a bright sunset sky.
You sure are a cool guy
But sometimes you're not so cool,
When my Lululemon pants are covered in your drool.
Nunu, my annoying Nunu,
I hate you most of the time,
but I wouldn't trade you for a dime.
Your food contains enzymes
Which makes it sublime...
Nunu, my giant Nunu,
You are as long as the Eiffel Tower
Scent as sweet as a flower
A slim speckled belly
Turns my heart into jelly
You are as dumb as rocks
Like some of the messages in my inbox
I Love You My Nunu
And your little rendezvous
You are not the most well-behaved cat
But you deserve the loveliest straw hat.





Whats that ? No... thats not a tear in my eye. Its not.. I havent cried in 20 years its just my contacts. Yet I can only hope that one day Someone will write Me a poem like this .


The human being and fish can coexist peacefully
Not bad. But everyone read my new creative writing post. It’s magnuficent.


The human being and fish can coexist peacefully
I cant believe you would use nunu for self promotion
Hey everyone, are you wondering what Daniella is talking about? See what I’m self-promoting by checking out my thread in the creative writing section!