ATTN: Mac Users, Here's How To Play MyVMK

Hey Friends!! :pickme:

So like a lot of you (Mac users), I've been struggling with finding a way around getting in the kingdom. With the Mac versions down and all it's been somewhat impossible without bootcamp/parallel. :huh::surrender:

UNTIL.... :stare:

I watched these videos!!!

So I've been going mad all month and finally all my problems are gone. This worked for me perfectly and I now have a mini PC inside my Mac that runs like new! :hearts:
I haven't had any problems so far so I encourage you to try it!

(I have a Macbook Pro 13" Late 2011, Sierra 10.12)

@Moogle tried it and thanked me for sharing this life saver last night in my welcoming back thread. I really hope to spread the relief and help a lot of you guys out. It sucks not to be involved and I would love to have all my Mac friends back too. :adventure:

See you guys in the kingdom!! :cheer::626:


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does this take up a lot of space on your computer?? i would try but i'm afraid of downloading windows 7 to my mac ):


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Keep in mind that performance may vary depending on your machines hardware. this includes your hard drives space. Running a VM (Virtual Machine) on a mac is sometimes exhausting to PC's that can't handle it. Btw when I say PC I mean MAC bc a PC is essentially a mac.
you don't need to, no. but it's obviously better and yea you can
Well I did the first download and VMK didnt work, now its not when I go to download myVMKpal its shows like when to download all it sys is "please wait" for like 10 mins. IDK if Im doing something wrong :/[DOUBLEPOST=1501211214][/DOUBLEPOST]This is the message I get and it never changes
Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.05.20 PM.png
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