Back from VMK!

Hey there!
I used to play VMK when I was SUPER young. I was 12 when it closed and I was playing for almost the whole time it was open.
Now that I'm 24, I've been getting EXTREMELY nostalgic for this place especially with being quarantined. I remember waking up extremely early just to be able to get on when the game opened and talk to all of my friends.

I believe my name was EliteFlyingTomatoes, it was something similar to that! Everyone just called me Elite.

It's nice to be back!

Being new, it's kinda overwhelming to come back to, haha! Everyone has super cute clothes and super exclusive items and friends and I'm unsure what to do or how to play again! How do you guys make friends, what did you do as a newbie to spend your time around the game, how do you make your credits and so on?


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Welcome welcome! I mostly spend my time playing Castle Fireworks, and a lot of my friends come from my time playing with them. It's also how I get most of my credits to spend later. :)

If Fireworks turns out to not be your thing, there's other minigames like Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and Haunted Mansion! Hanging out in lobbies and playing with people (aside from solo JC) are great ways to both earn credits and make friends. You can also check out the Guest Rooms tab to see what people are up to and make some new friends! Feel free to ask people questions if you need help -- they're usually always happy to help!


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Welcome back both of you! :) If you guys have any questions I would be happy to help :) IGN- spacedogmike (11 year old me thought this was cool). Don't be too overwhelmed it takes some time to get used to the game :)
Welcome back :) If you haven't already I'd recommend joining myvmk discord channel, link should be on newsletter and twitter. Most people in the game chat there and trade, so it's a great spot to get to know people. Hang out in africa or the courtyard or whatever guest rooms are busy is always a good way to meet people. Most players are very nice and always ready to help if they can!