Base Camp : Alaskan Bullworm


I haven't quit; college happened.

Welcome, Adventurers, to a MyVMK Rollercoaster experience like no other.
Brought to you by Cocobandicoot, Kiddy, Simone, and Otters,
we are proud to present to you Base Camp : Alaskan Bullworm.

Scenario Overview:
You are the Captain of the SS Necromantica, a large submarine with a crew of over 50 men,
voyaging the deepest depths of the Arctic Ocean in search of treasure.
Hours after you've thrown the towel in, you awaken to blaring sirens, emergency evacuation alerts, and screaming men. One of your crew members bursts in and alerts you (to no avail) that the submarine is under
attack and that the entire vessile is flooding- rapidly. There's no escape. You're doomed to die on
your vessile. As hypothermia sets in, your vision fades and everything goes black.

Stage One : Loading dock

We encourage you to experience the ride in-game, it's always open.
We hope you enjoy the adventure!

-Team Alaskan Bullworm