[DHTF]Euro Cup 2020

if everything goes well should I do a small tournament?

  • yes, Bring it on!!!!!!

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  • Mabe, if we got enough people

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  • No

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ITS THAT TIME AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately the real one got Postponed until next year. But doesn't mean we all can support and play for our favorite countries.
[How To Play]: Each Person must use the (!roll 3) command to not get the same number than their opponents Generator. Left side must have to get a (1 or 2) to score and get the other team blocks taken away. Right Side has to get a (1 or 3) to score and take their blocks away. Last Team to be standing wins!!!!!!
[Confused?]: If your sitting next to the fans your rolling against the Generator above the green toy solider. If your sitting next to the green toy solider your rolling against the generator next to the fans.
[Numbers]: If the number u rolled matches the number to the opponents generator its a (Save) and the other team has a chance to score.
Game update: Yellow and red cards/Penalties/Over time Coming soon
Euro Cup 2020 Field.jpg


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