Everest Team Members


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I know myself & many others in game were curious of winning team members. I would like to now, only bc if I run into them in game I would like to personally congrats them!
Please post team members in your group!

  • Base Camp Menehune (Expedition Leader: @SnowyJingleBells)
  • Base Camp Hole In The Wall (Expedition Leader: @Ziggy_ME)

  • Base Camp Knowledge (Expedition Leader: @daisybear
  • Base Camp Mysterious Mountain (Expedition Leader: @Meanestpianist)
  • Base Camp Frozen Peas (Expedition Leader: @gypsyrose
  • Base Camp Lemon Snow Cones (Expedition Leader: @niknik)
  • Base Camp Tundra (Expedition Leader: @Bimbette
  • Base Camp Diamond Diggers (Expedition Leader: @JustTheDOCTOR)
  • Base Camp MythBusters (Expedition Leader: @LuvDaPixie
  • Base Camp Yeti Hunters (Expedition Leader: @Tyler
  • Base Camp Hydra (Expedition Leader: @Allusion)
  • Base Camp Finding Harold (Expedition Leader:@ TheAlienStitch)
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Camp Avalanche: MissShelly (@MamaNutty @BellaFlowerGurl ,@Decker & AnnaSnows!

Camp Igludorf:@ Christa, @PudgeTheFish, @StrataSam, @Nimmy, and @Thorn!

Team Marvel: @Loki ,@CoralHibiscus , @perksofamy (in game now CrytsalGems), @Victoria(in game PossiblyCheeky), & Lissa!

Team Yeti Chasers: @Evehist @ Caitlynn @ Marnetti @ Walkthemoon, @DarlingDiva, and @iProsper :)

Base Camp Fantasia was myself (@SorcererDonaldD in game),@aldisneyfans , @hunny_bee ,@maykay , @Peaches , and@PrincessAveri .

my team was @jafart @McLovin and @MagicIshaan :)

Base Camp Rock Candy Mountains: myself (@Jakee in game), @Katharine @KrazyBella :)

Base Camp Shang :

Base Camp VFK:
@iMystery (Alyssa IG), @Psycho , @Erin, weasley,@Allyson , @Skillet(Skaro IG)

Base Camp Bag End: @Lost @Dustbunniy

Team lost everest
@Cjswag@Amber(amberinwonderland IG) @Josh(Joshthecreator IG ) @Annie

Base Camp Snow Storm Troopers @Krazykay @MushroomLove @JimMorrisonsGirl Aka Love ( In-game name) and @LazyBunz :hearts:

Base Camp Lemme Inn - @Question @Jinx[/USER], @Cold, @Crispy

Base Camp Gringotts - @dizyyoyo @Maliboomer @wolf_gang

Base Camp Everest
Me (@Everest),@InfinityFay (In-game Ivy), @CandyCars @Atlantis @Myth @MagicAvinash

Base Camp Sven's Quest: @Captain-Heather, @snow_flake, @Desertfreak(team leader) @OswaldLucky, an @Tohrukun

Base Camp Royal Rescue.
@Inferno @Littlebelle @Laurice @illusionistic, @aliceblue @Comicnati

Base Camp Everest (too:D):
Me (in game WDW_Dreams) , Mizz_Z, @JiminyCricket (in game JiminyC), @Jumangi, and @PiratePrecious (in game NeoPiratePrecious)

Base Camp Mystic Wind:

Expedition Leader: @HenWen

Base Camp Northern Lights: sunflowery, @Spontaneous, @Stealth, and @ D_Town

Base Camp Middle Earth....
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I'll be editing the thread and hopefully we get all the members! Once I post your team members I will delete your team from the master list.
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