Finding Me. or My Journey to find Adventure


The human being and fish can coexist peacefully
Fifth Post:
These Bars won't hold my Spirt - July 27th, 2016
Today my horoscope reads: Don't believe everything you see. Life is pointless. Life is meaningless. I meander the walls of what we call life with no idea of what is going on or what to do. What has happened to me is beyond explanation and completely undeserving. I have been resting. And to make all worse as that these people, these, Poll-ease, expect me to rest with metal links around my wrist. I tell you, this journey has taken an unforeseen turn. My freedom has been stripped away from hands, and I cannot find any reason as to why these people would do such a horrid thing to such an innocent soul. I do believe my life matters, and yet they don't seem to see that. Suddenly, they let me go, and they tell me I owe an absurd amount of money for 'Flea in the Poll-ease' and 'Speeding.' These absurd claims are libel and slanderous, but I told them I would pay, eventually. I leave the building and fall on my knees, FREEDOM!!! Oh, Freedom! I shan't ever take you for granted again. I walk to my car and drive away. I have no clue where I am at, and my phone is out of battery. I stop by to a nearby diner, it's full of vintage 50's hardware. Vinyls are hanging on the wall, Elvis Presley (the King of Jazz) is everywhere, and there's a big Juke Box sitting in the middle of the rooms, with tables and such surrounding it. A waitress sits me down next to a window, I try asking for a phone charger but she stuffs me with words that make no sense to me. "Howdy partner, would you want some coughing? or the apple eyes?" What in the world was she talking about? Complete ludicrous. I ignored her until she walked away. I look to the Juke Box and I see a decrepit old man walk towards it, I assumed he was from That War, he was wearing Veterinarians gear. He put in a couple quarters and plays the classic song, "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, he grabbed a candle from a table and begins lip-syncing the song. Surely, this isn't normal behavior. Yet, the waitresses are smiling and begin to sing or lip-sync with him. I don't know where I am, but I am scared, and I don't have a phone. So in the midst of this scene, I get up and ask for an iPhone charger. They tell me, "Sorry we only support Android users." Suddenly, a large man grabs me by the collar and kicks me out of the diner. I'm suddenly in the middle of the desert, I have no idea how I got here. I mean deserts aren't even real, they only exist in movies. I see my car in the distance, but when I get there...the wheels are stolen! Who in their right mind would travel to the fictitious desert and steal my wheels!? Anyways, by this time I was hungry, my soul was tired and drained, and I am stuck in a desert (of which shouldn't exist). I sign out unsure about my future. Oh, life....What's going on?



The human being and fish can coexist peacefully
Sixth & Final Post:
New Beginnings and Old Endings - July 28th, 2016
Today my horoscope reads: Your dream will become your reality and your reality will become your dreams' dream. (Scorpio horoscope: Don't make people do stuff they don't wanna do.) My throat is parched, my soul is even more parched, my hair and skin are drying, and my feet are so sunburnt I cannot walk. The car is at least 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and getting warmer. I'm not sure how much longer I have to live. Perhaps my journey was purely in vain, that none of this will have an answer or even an ending. I will continue to live the rest of the few days I have left not knowing what the point of life is, and the purpose of my life. Why won't the great desert gods strike me down? I look around the bleak and bright desert, nothing but sand....nothing but sand....and a box? this be it? Could this blue box hold the answers that I've been looking for? What's in the box?...What's in the box??....WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?!! I grab the registration papers from the glove compartment and wrap them around my sunburnt feet. I get out of the car and make my way to the box that is about 40 yards away. I can feel the small sharp rocks slightly piercing the edges of my soul and skin. But I continue...I must know what's in the blue box. Finally, after many minutes of struggling, I reach the blue box. Upon my arrival I notice that it's just a opening...besides a small triangular hole in the middle of it. What kind of sick joke is this?! It's just a blue box! But wait....I look around...and I see a key...oh glory! Truly this is the universe telling me I am on my way to reach the truth! Thank you! I grab the key like a chubby boy grabbing a Hershey bar. This. IS. IT. My hand is shaking as I slowly place the key inside the blue box...there is a 'SNAP' and the top lid opens. My world goes black. I am...awakened.

- FancyMonocle