Fireworks.... HELP!!

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is posted elsewhere but Fireworks is just not my game... I think I have yet to break 3000... yes I know very sad, but I was NEVER good at this game. I probably just don't have the coordination for it. But what tips do you have for those of us who just CANNOT play this game. I know to wait for flawless and whatnot, but how do you do it when there's about 6 fireworks all shooting off at the same time??? Do certain fireworks last longer than others? When is it important to go for combos rather than waiting for flawless? When is it appropriate to use the explode all (half the time when i use it they all say "oops" and i get no points)?? Does ANYONE have a video of them playing the game so I could maybe see how on earth they score 8000's of points. Maybe I'm just not switching fast enough... Any suggestions? THANK YOUUUU