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Fullscreen mode has been added to the new client. Right now you access it with the X button (or just by tapping anywhere on a phone/tablet). I'll be adding its own button at some point.

It will have multiple settings for aspect ratio: device, 16:9, 4:3. Curious, which one will you use? Personally I like playing in stretched fullscreen, especially on mobile devices, because it gives me more room to see and do things, but obviously it looks like if you take an old movie and stretch it on a modern TV lol.

Fullscreen is great for things like pirates no matter what aspect ratio you pick, playing fullscreen on a 2016 macbook pro is fun lol


...but you HAVE heard of me.

Thanks for your work on the client, me hearty!

A full screen (16:9) for me. Even if stretched, to have more screen to view for POTC would be absolutely splendid!

Thank ye for askin'.


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I love the idea of full screen!

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I'd personally use whichever one looks better whether it be stretched or normal. I only use fullscreen now during games anyways. Also, I'm very excited to be able to play on my tablet!