Help! Unable to play

Looking for some help..

I'm unable to get into myVMK. I have tried clearing my cache, deleting temporary files, clearing disk space, uninstalling and reinstalling both myVMKPal and shockwave. I've tried all of these on both Chrome and IE. Originally, I received the "500: internal error" when attempting to launch myVMKPal. After uninstalling it, it won't reinstall. It simply gives me an error that the installer has stopped working. Nothing has progressed and now it won't install.

Any tips to play again? There has to be something that works :(

Nathan Phillips

I'm a Goofy Goober!
did you try running it as an administrator or checking to see if your virus software is blocking the game? I had the issue of updating the MyVMKPal software, but all I had to do was run it as an admin