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Welcome to your one stop shop for all your Hide and Seek needs!
This thread will be dedicated to explaining how our Staff Hide and Seek Event runs and how YOU as a player can join in on the adrenaline rushing, fan favorite game of Hide and Seek!

This thread will be divided into 3 sections:
How to play
Rules of the game

How To Play:
First Off, Our Hide and Seek(HnS) event is an impromptu event, meaning that it will
NOT be included on our monthly event schedule like our normal HOST events. Rather, an in-game alert will be sent along with an announcement on our Twitter page 15 minutes prior to the start of the event! Once the 15 minutes have passed, a second in-game announcement will sent to the players currently online announcing that our staff team is hidden and ready to be found!

Alright, The game has officially started.. now the real fun begins! Our staff team, which will be a team of 3 or more, will be hiding in the public rooms across the kingdom. These are the rooms you can access from the map, and the staff members will be exclusively in the North instance (this is the default instance a player will enter when clicking on the rooms via the map). Players are encouraged to hop from room to room searching for our well hidden staff team, but be warned... Our team are elite hiders who have endured hours of rigorous training, so finding them will not be easy! The staff members may be on-top of, below, behind, or even transformed into any object in the room, so you must keep a sharp eye out for them!

Look-y there, You found one! Quick, Run on over to them as fast as your pixilated feet will allow you to, once you are directly next to the hidden staff member shout out the winning phrase: "I FOUND YOU (staff member's name)!". If you're the first player to shout this phrase while standing next to them... you just won a brand new prize! Congratulations, this deserves a pat on the back.. it takes a keen eye and steady hands to get this far! Now get back to searching for more staff! You are allowed to win TWICE per event!
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Rules of the game:
1. Players MUST be standing directly NEXT to the staff member that is hidden (or within 1 pixel/ as close as possible,
ONLY IF the hidden staff member isn’t completely accessible to other players)

2. Players must say “I found you (staff name)!” Perfect grammar and punctuation is not required, but make sure to use
the correct prefix (VMK_/HOST_/GA_/PROMO_/QA_) and try your best to type the phrase correctly.
TIP: Holding SHIFT and clicking on a players avatar will auto populate the users name into your text bar!

3. Players must WAIT to say the winning phrase until standing NEXT to the hidden staff member, rather than saying
the winning statement as they enter the room, or while walking towards the staff member.

4. Any magic used for an unfair advantage will result in a disqualification in the room the player is currently in.

5. Winners will be up to the discretion of the staff member hiding.


To minimize the length of the thread, the FAQs will be included below as a spoiler (simply click the spoiler and it will expand with all the information).
I would like to encourage any and all players to ask any questions that they may have regarding our HnS event, or any FAQ that I may not have already included. I will update this section as necessary, but please feel free to answer the questions in the comments down below if you are aware of the answer, as it may take some time until we are able to update the post.
Q: Is there a limit to how many times we can win per event?
A: Yes, Players are limited to 2 wins, per event.

Q: Do staff move around when hiding, or will they remain in the same room?
A: The staff member who is hiding will remain hidden in the room until they are found. Once they are found they will randomly go into a new room to hide in. Our HnS Event is hosted as a team of 3 or more staff members, so at any given time, there may be multiple staff members available to find!

Q: Should I stay in 1 room and wait for the staff to come to the room?
A: No, we encourage players to hop from room to room. The staff team will not appear in a
room where players are 'camping' and waiting for staff to appear.

Q: Will staff hide in 'Secret' rooms?
A: Yes! Staff will hide in any public room, this includes 'Secret' rooms, such as the Spell Room or the Waterpark pool.

Q: Will staff hide in the game lobbies?
A: Yes! Staff have the ability to hide in the game lobbies as long as they are the North(Default) instance.

Q: How long does the event run for?
A: Our HnS are not always timed based. Some months we have a dedicated amount of prizes we must give away before we are able to conclude the event, however, other months we may be instructed to stay on a time basis which can range from anywhere between 30minutes to an hour.

Q: How do I know when the event has ended?
A: Once the time limit has exceeded, or all of the prizes have been distributed, the staff team will send an in-game alert announcing the conclusion of the hide and seek.

Q: How do I know who is and who isn't staff?
A: All of our staff members have dedicated Prefix's in their names (VMK_/HOST_/GA_/PROMO_/QA_) as well as an Orange Mickey badge on their lanyard when you click their character! If you are always unsure you can ask the player hiding, likewise, if you see someone attempting to impersonate a staff member you should report the user as it is against our rules to impersonate staff members!

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Thank you for the clarification @HOST_Tuke!!! :) Almost lost the other day because I said the phrase while running over to the staff member! Thankfully nobody was in the room and I could resay the phrase to win properly! :D