I been voicing myself lately


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Lately I know during these trying times. It's very hard to voice your ideas and opinions without either getting people hurt or angry or even killed by someone. What I'm trying to say is other people and I are tired of being quiet and want to be able to help the world even if are ideas are stupid... It's just we been quiet for too long. So if anyone has anything to rant or express their opinions about. Feel free in this thread if we are able to. Mods if I can't have this thread feel free to delete it I really don't want to start any trouble. This is manly for people that have been quiet for way too long and want to let it out. Hopefully we can express our selves in appropriate way.

Anyway Thank you for taking the time to read this.. Yes I know this is all over the place. I have ADD or ADHD they keep going back and worth about it, but anyway that's not the point of this thread. So I just want to say thank you and hopefully see you guys around in myvmk <3

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I too am thankful for myVMK. It is my HAPPY place, and helps me escape the extreme stress that endure daily. This world is crazy, and many people ignore/continue in disbelief. What makes me sad is how we enslave, murder, and eat living beings. Animal/Pet lovers continue to eat meat. Huge disconnect. I wish all people would choose compassion. Thank you for this posting this. Need help going PLANT BASED; please DM me. We are all in this together.