I'm New! (Sort of lol)


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Hi all! I used to play a bit back when I first found myvmk from 2015 and I just now came back! Still getting used to new changes like how there's a discord now and so many new in-game experiences. But with being so new I wanted to reach out on the forums and ask for advice on getting back into the game and for new friends too! My in-game name is lilprincessjill after my og vmk name (can you tell I was a kid when I first played lol).


Hi!! Welcome back! If you have any questions I would love to help as best as I can just message me here or on discord! And if you ever wanna meet in game I can show you around :)


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hello love welcome back! feel free to message me on discord, i also have a bunch of things for trade that id be willing to give you for whatever price :) hit me up on discord

Welcome back :) for sure join the discord, that is where most of the activity is with players and staff and some contests/prizes just on there. Staff will usually update there first anything new, or delays/info