LexieandTink's Trades (with prices! mostly) :)

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I'm potentially open to negotiation, but I do my best to research items and keep my prices fair.

If you want to meet up, please message me on discord if possible!

New policy: unless you happen to run into me in the game and can do a quick trade, the minimum amount for a sale is 1k.

I'm happy to trade for items or pay credits depending on price.

Minnie Ears - Peppermint
Minnie Ears - Retro

Disney Dates - Undersea Adventure
Disney Fairies - Iridessa (offer 5k)
Disney Fairies - Silvermist (offer 5k)
Duo - Chip & Dale (offer 1k)
Festival of Fantasy - Mickey
Festival of Fantasy - Minnie
Holiday - Mickey
Holiday - Minnie
IASW Holiday - Tinkerbell
Name Tags - Disneyland
One Million Dreams - Disney's Fireworks
Pirates - Plundering Stitch
Tinker Bell Rose Pin

Frozen Fractals - Anna (10k)
Frozen Fractals - Elsa (10k)
Magic - Stitch Spaceship (5-star) (75k)

Room - Beauty and the Beast Ballroom (20k)

Comfy Chair (offer)
Holiday Dreams Rustic Fireplace (offer)

Alfredo Linguini (coat, pants) (4k)
Clopin (hat, mask, shirt, pants, shoes) (7k)
Demetri Suit (top, pants, shoes) (3k)
Esmeralda (headpiece, top, skirt) (4k)
Fairy Vidia (top, pants, shoes) (4k)
Jane's Yellow Dress (hat, top, skirt, shoes) (5k)
Prince Edward (top and pants) (3k)
Prince Philip green outfit (jacket, pants, shoes) (3k)
Rebel pilot (shirt, pants) (4k)
Readhead dress (hat, top, skirt, shoes) (6k)
Sora Prince (coat, pants) (3k)
Tia Dalma (hair, makeup, top, skirt, necklace) (7k)

Anna shirt (from Wreck-it-Ralph 2) (3k)
Aquas Shoes (2k)
Aurora Winter Top (2k)
3x Babydoll Dress Black (500c)
Belle shirt (from Wreck-it-Ralph 2) (3k)
Blue flats (2k)
Bucket Hat Pastel Purple (2k)
5x Bugs Life Antenna (500c)
10x Cruella mask (1k)
Easter Pajama Pants blue (7k)
Fall leaf crown (3k)
Flower crown jumbo (2k)
2x Hades mask (3k)
Hawaiian aloha shirt (2k)
Hawaiian tiki shirt (4k)
Hela pants (2k)
3x Hoodie - Avengers Black (2k)
4x Hoodie - Avengers Red (2k)
Jack Skeleton mask (3k)
King Mickey Swim Trunks (1k)
Kitty ears (2k)
Knit Headband (1k)
3x Lanyard - Animal Kingdom (1k)
Lanyard - Hollywood Studios (1k)
LOTK - Frontierland Tank Top (3k)
LOTK - Tomorrowland Tank Top (3k)
Lucky beanie (3k)
Mardi Gras Green Shirt Girls (3k)
Mickey Ears Visor - Green (3k)
Minnie Ears Baseball Cap (3k)
Naveen's Royal boots (2k)
2x Pirate Girls Boots Black (1k)
Pirate Scarf Black (1k)
Pocahontas shirt (from Wreck-it-Ralph 2) (3k)
Prince Phillip winter pants (1.5k)
2x Princess Atta Tiara (2k)
Princess Hat Black (2k)
3x Queen of Hearts mask (2k)
Rebel Beanie (10k)
4x Sarge Pants (1k)
4x Sarge Shirt (1k)
Spiderweb Shirt Large (2k)
2x Spirit Jersey - Festival of the Arts (5k)
Spooky Mickey Shirt (2k)
Spooky Minnie Shirt (2k)
2x T-Shirt - Captain America (1k)
2x T-Shirt - Deadpool (1k)
T-Shirt Expedition Everest (3k)
Twin tails hairstyle (item.70554) (3k)
Unicorn Horn - Purple (2k)
Winter Scarf Snowflake (3k)

Alien Planet (1k)
2x Avenger Ladies - Gamora (Daisy) (1k)
BFF - Dodger & Oliver (1k)
BFF - Kermit & Fozzie (1k)
2x BFF- Mickey & Pluto (1k)
BFF - Thumper & Bambi (1k)
BFF - Tigger & Roo (1k)
Celebration Diamond - Mickey Mouse
Celebration Diamond - Minnie Mouse
2x ChooChoo - Daisy (1k)
3x ChooChoo - Goofy (1k)
ChooChoo - Pluto (1k)
Classic Mickey and Minnie 3/5 (1k)
Deadpool (2k)
Disney Has Gone Fishy - Cleo (1k)
2x Disney Has Gone Fishy - Fish Out of Water (1k)
Disney Has Gone Fishy - Kuzco Whale (1k)
2x Disney Light Show - Disneyland Forever (1k)
2x Disney Light Show - Galactic Spectacular (1k)
Disney Light Show - OUAT (1k)
Donald's Jungle Safari Pin (2k)
5x Duet Villains - Cruella (1k)
2x Duet Villains - Evil Queen (1k)
Duo - Si & Am (1k)
Dynamic Duos - Flounder (1k)
Earth Day 2019 (Hei Hei) (1k)
Enchanted Prince Pin (1k)
4x Empire Mickey Pin (2k)
3x EPCOT Food and Juice pin (1k)
Esmeralda at the Beach pin (2k)
Fab Five Fall Leaves - Minnie (500c)
Fathers Day 2018 (Guardians of the Galaxy) (1k)
5x Festival of Fantasy - Daisy (1k)
7x Festival of Fantasy - Donald (1k)
7x Festival of Fantasy - Goofy (1k)
12x Festival of Fantasy - Pluto (1k)
2x Finding Dory - Nemo (1k)
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - (3/5) (1k)
2x Flower Portrait - Esmeralda (1k)
2x Flower Portrait - Jasmine (1k)
2x Flower Portrait - Pocahontas (1k)
Fourth of July pin (1k)
Frozen Fractals - Anna (10k)
Frozen Fractals - Elsa (10k)
3x Fruity Summer - Gelatoni (1k)
Gingerbread Pluto (1k)
4x Gingerbread Tigger (1k)
Halloween 2017 (Monsters Inc.) (500c)
3x - Hamm (1k)
13x Holiday Bells - Alice (500c)
20x Holiday Bells - Chip & Dale (500c)
Holiday Bells - Goofy (2k)
11x Holiday Bells - Mickey & Minnie I (500c)
21x Holiday Bells - Mickey & Minnie II (500c)
3x Holiday Bells - Mickey & Minnie III (500c)
5x Holiday Bells - Mowgli & Baloo (500c)
18x Holiday Bells - Pirate Mickey (500c)
23x Holiday Bells - Pua & Moana (500c)
Holiday Bells - Santa Goofy (500c)
Holiday Bells - Simba & Rafiki (500c)
5x Holiday Bells - The Aristocats (500c)
3x Holiday Bells - Thumper & Bambi (2k)
12x Holiday Bells - Woody & Bo Peep (500c)
4x Holiday - Daisy (1k)
10x Holiday - Donald (1k)
6x Holiday - Goofy (1k)
8x Holiday - Pluto (1k)
3x Jessica Rabbit Decades - 1910's (1k)
8x Jessica Rabbit Decades - 1930's (1k)
7x Jessica Rabbit Decades - 1960's (1k)
Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Day pin (1k)
Magic - Stitch Spaceship (5-star) (75k)
Marvel Mickey- Captain America (2k)
Marvel Mickey - Dr. Strange (2k)
Marvel Mickey- Iron Man (2k)
Marvel Mickey - Spiderman (2k)
Marvel Mickey - Thor (2k)
Mickey - Hot Cocoa (2k)
Mickey Head - Peppermint (2k)
Mother's Day 2016 (Brave) (1k)
Name Tags - Disneyland Hong Kong (1k)
5x Onward - Cash 4 Gems (1k)
Orange Bird - Chill (3k)
OUAT Pen and Ink pin (1k)
4x Park Icons - EPCOT (1k)
10x Park Icons - Magic Kingdom (1k)
2x Pinocchio pin (1k)
Pirates Attractions - Jolly Roger (2k)
3x Princes - Eric (1k)
Robin Hood & Maid Marion (1k)
Room - Beauty and the Beast Ballroom (20k)
2x Royal Aladdin & Princess Jasmine (1k)
3x Royal Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip (1k)
Scat Cat pin (2k)
2x Spooky - Donald (1k)
SR- Crumbelina (500c)
Star Wars Day 2020 (1k)
Storybook - Giselle (1k)
4x Storybook - Pinocchio (1k)
Storybook - Reluctant Dragon (1k)
3x Sunflower Winnie the Pooh (1k)
3x Storybook - The Wind in the Willows (1k)
2x Sword in the Stone - It's a Small World (1k)
TSM Animal full set (Armadillo, Bear, Bunny, Cat, Deer, Gopher, and Turtle) (7k or 1k each)
TSM Animal - Armadillo (1k)
TSM Animal - Bear (1k)
TSM Animal - Bunny (1k)
TSM Animal - Cat (1k)
The Incredibles - Syndrome Logo (1k)
Tiki II - Koro Tiki pin (2k)
7x Toy Story - Bo Peep (1k)
5x Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear (1k)
3x Toy Story - Jessie (1k)
7x Toy Story - Woody (1k)
Tsum Tsum - Pirate Minnie (1k)
Veterans Day 2017 (feat. Captain America) (1k)
Voodoo Talisman (4k)
Wall-E (2k)
2x - Winter Dreams Crate Key (1k)
Wreath - Donald (500c)
Wreath - Minnie (500c)
Zootopia - Judy Hopps (1k)

3x Blue Headphone (500c)
Red Headphone (500c)
Chocolate Mountain 2 (1k)
2x Churro Cart (1k)
Comfy Chair (offer)
3x Crate Coffee Table Black (1k)
Egg - Jack Skellington (500c)
Egg - Doom Beggy (500c)
Egg - Mike Wazowski (250c)
Egg - Powerline (250c)
Egg - Robin Hood (250c)
Egg - Scrump (250c)
5x Dwarf - Dopey (1k)
Experiment 150 - Clyde (500c)
Experiment 223 - Glitch (500c)
Experiment 262 - Ace (500c)
2x Experiment 523 - Slushy (500c)
Ghost - Blinky (red) (500c)
2x Ghost - Clyde (orange) (500c)
Ghost - Inky (blue) (500c)
2x Ghost - Pinky (pink) (500c)
Giant Nuclear Waste Barrel (500c)
Herbie couch (3k)
Holiday Dreams Rustic Fireplace (offer)
Hong Kong Paper Lantern Red (1k)
2x Kali River Rapids Couch (two pieces) (1k)
Lafitte's Tavern Sign (1k)
Lucky Cat - Toulouse (1k)
Marvel Plush - Hawkeye (500c)
2x Marvel Plush - Hela (500c)
Marvel Plush - Hulk (500c)
Marvel Plush - Peggy Carter (500c)
2x Marvel Plush - Ultron (500c)
3x Marvel Plush - Vision (500c)
7x Odin's Vault Artifact Stand (100c)
9x OUAT Dark Grail (100c)
9x Poster - Tiana's Place (500c)
Plush - Lion (1k)
2x Plush - Tiger (1k)
Q-Bert - Gameless (500c)
Royal Jewels - Diamond (1k)
2x Royal Jewels - Emerald (1k)
2x Royal Jewels - Rainbow (1k)
3x Royal Sky Flat 1 (1k)
Spinning Dreidel (1k)
18x Stained Glass Rug (500c)
2x Vintage Microphone (500c)

I like to keep my sold stuff listed as a price reference :)
1920s Thomas O'Malley (shirt and pants) (4k)
Autumn Girls (top, pants, boots, scarf) (6k)
Disco Night (top and pants) (3k)
Elsa's Winter dress (125k)
Fairy Fawn (top, pants, shoes) (4k)
Lilo's Dress (top and skirt) (4k)
Pirate Swann (hat, pants, shirt w/ vest, shirt w/o vest) (5k)
Sarge (hat, top, boots, pants) (3k)
Tree Nymph King (shirt, pants, crown and/or crown with moss) (3k
80s Retro Crop Top (2k)
Aurora shirt (from Wreck-it-Ralph 2) (3k)
BB-8 Crop top (3k)
Bell Bottoms - Orange (2k)
Belle Winter Top (2k)
Bucket Hat Pastel Yellow (2k)
Captain America's Shield (5k)
Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pants (2k)
Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Vest (2k)
Cockatiel Bird Hat (3k)
Constance Hatchaway Hair (3k)
Cowboy Red Shirt (3k)
Elsa shirt (from Wreck-it-Ralph 2) (3k)
Figaro Ears (2k)
Hathaway Browne Pants (3k)
Hathaway Browne Shirt (3k)
Headband - red (2k)
Horned King Hood (3k)
Lanyard - EPCOT (1k)
Madam Mim wings (2k)
Magician Red Girls Jacket (1k)
Magician Red Pants (1k)
Magician Red Top Hat (3k)
Magician Blue Girls Jacket (1k)
Magician Blue Pants (1k)
Magician Blue Top Hat (3k)
Merida top (8k)
Mickey Ears Visor - Orange (3k)
Mickey Ice Cream (3k)
Mrs Claus shoes (2k)
Otis T. Wren Fedora (4k)
Otis T. Wren Pants (3k)
Otis T. Wren Top (3k)
Pirate Bandana Black (1k)
Royal Baseball Hat (75k)
Scarlet Witch Top (1k)
Stitch Space Helmet (15k)
Stitch Trunks (2k)
Thor Boots (1k)
Thor Chest Plate (1k)
Thor Pants (1k)
Toy Story Bunny Hat (3k)
Tube Top - Pink (3k)
Ugly Christmas Sweater (2k)
Animal Kingdom pin (1k)
Cuties - Lumpy (3k)
It's a Small World - Hawaii (3k)
5x Park Icons - Animal Kingdom (1k)
Pet - Dante (20k)


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Ill be on for probably the next couple of hours. I am not sure how to get discord.
I'm on now if you want to meet in Fantasyland Courtyard!

The MyVMK newsletter should have info for joining discord if you're interested. It's a good way to get ahold of people quickly. :)


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I don't have an invite link to the Discord yet so I sent a friend request there, but I'm interested in the Mulan costume if it's still available!
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