Life Doesn't Need a Title

This was (is) a story that I have been working on. It is factually based. It's a story of my own life and growing up as a child. I've thought long and hard about this but figured it's time to share part of my story with you guys. I still have a long way to go. This is only the beginning.


Summer couldn’t come any sooner. School days got longer as the weather got warmer. I’m thinking of the previous summer and all the adventures we had. No doubt this one is going to be ten times better. I can just feel it. Something about the four of us hanging out just puts a huge smile on my face. Easter was the last time I was supposed to see you…but you never showed up. Something about dealing with family issues, I wasn’t too sure. As usual, Mom and Dad tell me nothing. They act like they know nothing but I knew all too well that they knew “exactly” what was going on. There was no point making a huge deal about it as summer was on its way. Finally, I’d get to see my best friend or should I say, my only true friend.

- We grew up together, did everything together, experienced life together. It was us or no one. Those summers spent at your house are still etched in my memory. They play back in my mind like old home videos except I’m the only one who can see them. I sometimes wish I could play them back to you just so that you could understand how much those memories mean to me. How much those summers affected my life. Time spent with you was the glue holding my fragile life together. It was as if I was a dying patient and you were the doctor keeping me alive. It sounds melodramatic I know, but it’s exactly how I feel.

When summer finally arrived I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder. No more school, no more worksheets, no more tests, no more bullying. Oh…I didn’t tell you that I was bullied? Must have slipped my mind. It was nothing more than harmless wordplay, or at least my classmates' thought. When I got older the bullying got much worse, but we’ll save that for later…
Thanks for reading​