Mistaken Ride Start Placement

So, I accidentally turned my ride start, which is in my room entrance, and now every time I enter my room I am shot off into a public room. the ride forces me to exit faster than I can click it, turn it, or pick it up. What do I do!? Help! Can a host go in a move it for me? Can I pick up all the contents and turn it back into a room pin then reclaim the room? How do I do that? And can I do it from outside the room?
If you don't want to lose whatever build you have in your room, then send a call for help in game. Press the help down at the lower right of your screen between the settings and X buttons. Then just report what happened and what room you need help with, and a member of staff will help you out as soon as they're available. But if you just want your stuff back as soon as possible, you can press the exchange button, which is a red button on the lower right hand corner of the guest rooms menu. This will give you a room pin, which can be exchanged back for the empty room, as well as all the furniture that was in your room.