My Real Life Disneyland Pin And Disney Memorabilia Collection.


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Those are pretty cool I used to have the B ticket pin from disneyland and I see those medal ones all the time on the pin trade boards at DLR
Here (<--click) is most of my pin collection with a couple of my figurines! The majority of my figurines/portraits are hung and I'll grab pictures of those later!

Where did you get your D23 Member pins btw?
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That's some awesome stuff in your Disney Collection! Thank you so much for sharing!! I myself have a Disney collection but most of it is not worth as much as some Disney things out there. Most if it are simply plushies I bought from my WDW trip in 2013. I like plushies, hehe! I do however have one thing that I know quite a few of you would find value in seeing. I have shared it on a past thread in forums but will share it again. My Grandma was going through some things and found this in her stuff. She gave it to me cause she knew I was a Disney fan. Below are pictures of it along with the note she sent me. It's a 1977 Walt Disney Guide Book. I was so excited to find out she had this and on top of that.. she gave it to me! Also, I should mention I have a 60'th Disney Anniversary Pin from Disney Movie Rewards but sadly don't have a picture of it on me to share. If i get a picture of it soon I will try to remember to share it here. Wait.. I almost forgot!! I ALSO have the Cinderella Castle Lego Set that my sister completely surprised me with and bought me! I still have not put it together yet even though I REALLY want to! Basically it's because I have no where in my house or room to display it yet. Lastly, as you can see in background of the Lego picture, are some of the rest of my collection. Again, if you all interested I will certainly try to get more pictures of the rest of things when I have time.

Pictures of 1977 WDW Guide Book:

Cinderella Castle Lego Set:
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These are all very cool!


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I'm not really able to get a photo of all the pins I have because of the way I display/store them, but here are screencaps of my collection log on PinPics:

I got almost all of these from Walt Disney World, with the exception of the Peter Pan's Flight pin which I bought on eBay and the gift with purchase pins. I also have a couple other Loungefly pins and I recently bought a pin set of the Infinity Stones. Disney pins are one of my favorite things to collect, so I have a lot.

I also have a huge collection of the different ear hats/headbands from WDW; I live a few hours away from the resort and the thrift shops around here get a lot of park merch, so my collection is fairly big.


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Did you acquire most of these yourself, or did you get a lot of this memorabilia online? :) If so, you are truly a fan going to so many special event experiences!!!