MyVMK Festival of the Arts 2024: Epcot Creations Shop now OPEN!


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Great news! The Epcot Creations Shop is NOW OPEN!

Greetings, friends! We're thrilled to announce the opening of the Epcot Creations Shop, your ultimate destination for magical merchandise and exclusive goodies.

Step into the World of Wonders:
Explore the enchanting aisles filled with FOTA exclusive items, spirit jerseys, animated pins, and more! Discover unique treasures that capture the essence of MyVMK Festival of the Arts. Only available until Feb 5th.

What Awaits You:
Exclusive Festival Merchandise: Limited-edition spirit jerseys, animated pins, and more!
The Magic of Animation: Bring home the enchantment by purchasing artwork made by members of the MyVMK community!

How to Dive In:
Visit the Epcot Entrance terminal and follow the signs to the Epcot Creations Shop. You can also visit the top room on the guest rooms list.

We hope you all enjoy and happy shopping!