MyVMK Festival of the Arts 2024: The Magic of Animation!

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of creativity with "The Magic of Animation",
A captivating event within MyVMK Festival of the Arts!

Bring your animated wonders to life and witness them be showcased in the vibrant world of MyVMK. Earn recognition with your framed artwork in-game, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and become a cherished member of our dynamic creative community!

To ensure your artistic journey is seamless, kindly follow the guidelines provided. Let the magic unfold, and we eagerly anticipate the spellbinding wonders you'll bring to MyVMK Festival of the Arts!

How to Bring the Magic to Life:
For a detailed guide, dive into our forum post below:

Event Deadline: January 17th at midnight 12:00 AM EST
Deadline has been extended to January 19th at midnight 12:00 AM EST

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How can I participate?
A: To participate, create a piece of art using the provided horizontal/vertical templates and follow the submission guidelines.

Q: What kind of art are you looking for?
A: We are looking for art that properly translates well with the graphics of MyVMK. We would say it represents Tiny Art or Pixel Art.

Q: What is Tiny/Pixel Art?
A: Tiny art or pixel art refers to a form of digital art that uses small, pixel-sized elements to create images. It is characterized by its simplicity, as each image is composed of individual pixels arranged in a grid. Due to this it is usually at a low resolution, so please keep this in mind when sending in your submission.

Q: Are there any specific guidelines for the art submission?
A: Yes, please review the submission guidelines provided below to ensure your artwork meets the necessary criteria for consideration.

Q: Can I submit more than one artwork?
A: Only 1 submission per account, if you send multiple submissions your most recent submission will be evaluated.

Q: Is there a specific theme or content requirement for the submitted artworks?
A: Yes! The theme is “The Magic of Animation” - While we encourage creativity, please ensure that your artworks align with MyVMK's community standards. Inappropriate or offensive content will not be accepted. All submissions should be original content and not stolen from already existing visual art of any kind.

Q: How will my artwork be evaluated for in-game placement?
A: All submissions undergo a thorough review by at least two staff members. Artwork is not voted upon but rather reviewed to make sure it follows the guidelines presented. Once it is approved, it passes to the next stage to transfer from submission to game format.

Q: Will I receive credit for my artwork if it's selected?
A: Yes! Each piece will be credited and titled “(title of art) by (username)”.

Q: Is there a deadline for submitting my artwork?
A: Please check the submission guidelines for any specified deadlines. We recommend submitting your artwork by January 17th at midnight 12:00 AM EST.

Q: What happens if my artwork is chosen?
A: If your artwork is selected, our GA team will reformat the submission suitable to the game’s design and will be released for sale in shop. You'll be credited, and players can appreciate and purchase your art within the MyVMK world.

Q: How can I stay updated on the submission process?
A: Regular updates, including submission guidelines and deadlines, will be posted on Discord & Twitter. Stay tuned for announcements and connect with the MyVMK community!
- Each guest is allowed to submit one artwork of their choosing based on one of two formats. Portrait or Landscape.

- Guests are not allowed to surpass the predetermined maximum parameters of each canvas.

The format specifics are:

Portrait: 60 width by 75 height (in pixels)
Landscape: 76 width by 60 height (in pixels)

- Failure to stay within the max cutoff will result in automatic refusal of submission. Guests are welcomed to resubmit their design, if they choose, to reformat to the approved structures.

- Guests will not be notified if their artwork was approved for submission. Guests should only expect to hear news during the submission time (until January 17th) if there was an issue with their submission.

- Guests are encouraged to submit before the deadline, January 17th, if there are concerns for approval to allow time to redesign and submit.

- Guest artwork will never be redesigned once submitted by any staff member. There is a set format and structure that allows the GA to structure the image into game format. The physical change might make the image seem slightly wider and shorter than envisioned. Please see the visuals above as an example.

- Artwork is shown underneath a layer that is meant to “reflect like glass” as a visual effect. Please see visual for reference.

- Artwork will not be a mirror image.

- As artwork gets approved, the GA will take the artwork and structure to game format. Ideally the process from approval to in-game will take a maximum of 48 hours. There are always potential for delays so please be understanding should difficulties arise. If this happens, we will communicate the issues properly via Discord and Twitter.

- Artwork made by the user will be given to them at the start of the festival (January 20th) with the item placed in their inventory. Artwork will be available to see in-game at the same time, too. Guests wanting to purchase user-submitted artwork will have the chance to do so sometime during the early stages of the festival.

- All submissions should be original content and not stolen from already existing visual art of any kind. If caught, your submission will be denied and you will not be able to participate in future similar events. If this is detected after art has been approved, the item will be removed from the game.

Examples of Visuals - Frames transferred to game:
How To Submit:

- When submitting, be logged into your main MyVMK account. Make sure you're not logged into any other accounts when submitting your entry.
- Submit your image directly via the submission form.
- Please use one of the templates provided in the submission form below.
- Do not submit on this thread as it will not count.
- Disclaimer: This is not a competition though guests are only allowed one submission per account.
- All approved images will be made into game format and will be showcased as "artwork" for all to see.

Click HERE to submit your entries.
Submissions are now CLOSED.

Templates are also included in the submission form as well.
Please remember you must be logged into your MyVMK account in order to submit.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please feel free to DM either @PROMO_Aqua or GA_Yensid via forums or Discord!
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