MyVMK In-game Staff Applications


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Hello everyone,

We are now looking for more in-game staff for MyVMK.

To submit an application, just follow the links down below for your desired role. You may apply to both if you wish.



If you are interested in being a designer, send me a private message on the forums and I'll talk to you about that.
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Can you guys talk about the differences between Host and Moderators?

Good luck to all! (:
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Dear @Amy,

I have added all my information for these open positions. Please let me know if we can speak more about the design opportunity. Note, I am currently working for ICON Design and Display so I do have experience in this area. I would love to be part of your crew and to help out where i best can fit. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank You Kindly,

Hollie Hulsey


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I really wish I could apply, however I have a puppy. This little one really affects how much time I can be online and if I can stay on line. Maybe next time. Good luck to all applying.