QUARANTINE COB - win 10k (8pm EST)


From Porcelain to Ivory to Steel
Seating is open starting 7:30pm. Would like to start game by 8pm.

11 players, 10 rounds. 10k credit grand prize.

Audience welcome to vote by messaging me in-game. I expect the game will take 1.5-2 hours.

With me, as many of you know, it's really "creative" or boot. And everyone gets a credit prize!

All I ask is that you follow a few rules so as to keep the game from being 6 hours long (it has taken that long before--you don't want to experience it, trust me! :P):
  • 5 minutes for everyone to change after the theme is stated
    • If you have a massive wardrobe, try to make sure your wardrobe has loaded before and keep your inventory open in a separate tab because I know this has hurt people before in trying to finish before time is called.
  • 30s per person to explain their outfit if necessary
  • If you DC, you will have 2 minutes to re-login and an additional 3 minutes to finish changing if necessary.
  • When I trade you your prize, keep the platitudes short and sweet! ILY all <3
  • Please do not spam the chat especially when people are explaining their outfits!
Let's have fun!!!
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Probably bored or anxious
I'm so sorry I missed this, it sounds fun!! I don't have a super huge clothing inventory, but love to get creative.. But it seems fun just to be an audience member!! Please update if you do it again!!