Selling DOZENS of Holiday Bells pins, including RARES!!!

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Hi everyone! I've co,llected tons of Holiday Bells pins from the Winter Blind Bags, and need to get rid of them! LMK if you'd like any!

Bronze- 750c
Silver- offer (not sure of value)
Gold- price is listed

Special Deals:

Buy one silver, get one bronze free!

Buy one gold, get one silver 25% off PLUS one bronze free!

Buy three or more of the same bronze, get 1 of that same bronze free!

Holiday Bells Pins:

Alice x5
Tinker Bell x1- 35k
Chip & Dale x8
Dumbo x2
Goofy x1

Mickey & Minnie I x7
Mickey & Minnie II x7

Mickey & Minnie IV x1
Mowgi & Baloo x1
Pirate Mickey x1
Pua & Moana x7
Simba & Rafiki x3

Thumper & Bambi x2
Woody & Bo Peep x1

I'm open to comments and PM's, whichever method you prefer :) I'm willing to negotiate prices, but would prefer to keep them at the set price. Thank you!
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